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Codependent Piglet

I really hate connect-the-dots activities. They always try to make you create round objects, which look horrible in the end because you’re drawing a series of straight lines, for god’s sake. You end up making some strange polygon out of a shape that was totally obvious to begin with. I mean, let’s have a show of hands here: have you ever genuinely thought, after connecting the last dot, “Whoa, that shape was totally NOT what I was expecting!” I didn’t think so.

The only thing left to do to a page like that is… corrupt it. I’ll be damned if The Man is going to tell me where to draw my lines.



Our most controversial post yet

I really think the word Mr. CCB was looking for is “hipster”.

Crap, now I’ve just offended TWO groups of people.



Whatever his beliefs, though, Owl is sporting one pimpin’ outfit.

Close Encounters of the Corrupted Kind.

Mr. CCB’s renditions rarely fail to make me laugh. He has this way of taking the elements already on the page and reimagining it to the next level. This one, he took a page from Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, where a gust picks up Piglet to drop his voice actor in any given 60’s Disney production. Where most people would  imagine a breeze, Mr. CCB saw something a little more extraterrestrial.



Mr. CCB managed to pack an entire story into this one. It’s not difficult to imagine a broken, disheveled Pooh wandering the forest for the rest of his days, mumbling, “It WAS an alien. Oh, bother. Aliens. Aliens…” He passes by Kanga and Roo’s house, and Roo whispers to his mother, “Who is that?” “That,” replies Kanga, pulling her son closer, “is a crazy old bear. Don’t go near him; I haven’t been able to trust him since our cow disappeared.”