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Darth Vader finds love


The caption is what totally makes me go WTF here. Revenge for what? Are they rubbing it in the faces of those stodgy Jedi who oppose Sith marriage rights? Are they teaming up to dish out some Bonnie-and-Clyde-style justice on an enemy? Is one of them rashly getting married just to piss off their parents?

Any way you slice it, Palpatine makes one beautiful blushing bride.



Slightly safer than lightsabers

Seriously, who comes up with these coloring book poses? If I were holding a lightsaber, this would be the absolutely last way I’d want to hold it. Not only is that an unwieldy position, but it is a great way to lose a buttcheek. So I made it much a less hazardous and much more therapeutic activity for Anakin– that Tatooine sand is itchy, yo.


Luke Skywalker’s side job

In the tough economic times of the Star Wars universe, Master Yoda wants to ensure that Luke can stay competitive in the market by diversifying his skill set. Damn, I should be writing resumes or something with all that fancy corporate language (Solution! Team player! Diversify! Facilitate! Okay, now I can just sit back and let all the HR find my blog). Hopefully, Luke won’t leave Dagobah before he learns to make a niceĀ pommes frites.


The most epic snack ever

I think we’ve all eaten beef jerky like this at one time or another:


Since we’re on the topic of jerky, I am going make this blog useful for the first time ever (don’t get used to it) by recommending a delicious homemade beef jerky recipe. The CCB household has made it several times with great success, and it’s tender enough that even Admiral Ackbar could chew this stuff.


Just take my advice, eat the homemade stuff, and save the Force for more impressive feats.

Partying Star Wars Style

Greetings to everyone from 5 Minutes for Mom‘s Ultimate Blog Party 2013! If you clicked over here, thinking you’d find a cute mommy blog, I am afraid you are sadly mistaken. The sole purpose of this blog is to contribute to the dark morass that is 99% of the internet, and hopefully make you chuckle from unfortunate things happening to various children’s cartoon characters.

Since this is a fairly new blog, you could just scroll down about three posts to see what we’re all about, but I’ll just tell you: Mr. CCB and I (Mrs. CCB) have been defacing coloring books as a form of cheap entertainment for many years now, and we recently decided to pull from our treasure trove of drawings and put them on a blog.


From left to right: Mrs. CCB, Mr. CCB; doing what we do best

I can’t guarantee that our posts will be sensitive, refined, or free of blood and poop (we’re parents; we draw what we know). But I can guarantee that there will be at least two a week, which is a hell of a lot better than I do with my cute mommy blog.

Anyways, thank you for stopping by, and let the party commence!