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Dexter of Sesame Street

All right, now that we’ve lured you in with light and silly coloring pages, it’s time to pull out one of our more morbid ones. Thanks to our two young children, I am familiar with Ernie’s famous Rubber Ducky Song; thanks to Mr. CCB, that song is now horrifying. (YouTube song link here; I didn’t actually see the movie all the way through, so you’ll have to cross your fingers and hope there isn’t anything shady on there. Or hope that there is. Depends on how pervy you are). Suddenly, it is super easy to imagine the interlude going bad fast: “Hey, you want me to scrub behind your ears?” (frantic squeaking) “Oh wait, I can’t BECAUSE I JUST CUT OFF YOUR HEAD! Mwuhahahaha!”




A coloring book seance

Mr. CCB’s sister, J, takes the credit for today’s entry. This is one of those drawings which I could look at forever, due its intricate details– the mesh gloved hands; the multicolored smoke rising from the piano; the pale, wispy ghost of Cookie Monster rising from the inferno. If this doesn’t make you believe in spirits, nothing can.