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Ursula goes south of the border

Today is Cinco de Mayo. Being white, I have not a single clue what the hell this holiday means, other than the excuse to drink all the cerveza and eat all the frijoles and pretend that you are all chummy with los gringos. Those are the Mexican ones, right? I dunno. The point is, Ursula has fallen under the spell.



Time for an Introduction!

All right! We’re finally making the first post to a blog that Mrs. CCB has been ruminating on for about a year. Prrrretty excited. Since I’m lazy, I’m just going to Control+V from our About page to tell you what we’re about:


From left to right: Mrs CCB, Mr. CCB. Who the hell is Tico?

Corrupted Coloring Books had its beginnings around 2006, when we were dating in college. Since we were poor college students, and our university prohibited premarital sex, we had to find other inexpensive ways to occupy ourselves. So we started defacing coloring books. Fast forward to the present. We are still broke as a joke. Judging by the fact that we now have two kids, the sex thing worked itself out. And we are still coloring. After several years of doing this, we have elevated it to an art form in this house!

One day, Mrs. CCB started flipping through our various coloring books and thought, “Our drawings are heinous, insensitive, and totally irreverent. These definitely belong on the internet.” So we started this blog.

Since defacing coloring books is kind of a social activity for us, we’ll often pull these out when family comes over and have a coloring party. So you’ll see some guest artists from time to time.