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Disney meets XBox


The Evil Queen is one humdinger of a Halo opponent.


Slightly safer than lightsabers

Seriously, who comes up with these coloring book poses? If I were holding a lightsaber, this would be the absolutely last way I’d want to hold it. Not only is that an unwieldy position, but it is a great way to lose a buttcheek. So I made it much a less hazardous and much more therapeutic activity for Anakin– that Tatooine sand is itchy, yo.


The many faces of pain

I have never seen Hercules, but every source I’ve talked to says it sucks, so I’m in no hurry to remedy this. Apparently, one of the mandatory Disney villain sidekicks is a little demon named Pain. This coloring page was originally one of those activities where you have to pick out the nonconformist from a police-style lineup. My take, however, is a graphic description of a few common maladies.


I should totally be in charge of illustrating medical literature.