Category: Humor

The worst knock-knock joke

Now we know why the queen ultimately went with a poisoned apple.



A coloring book seance

Mr. CCB’s sister, J, takes the credit for today’s entry. This is one of those drawings which I could look at forever, due its intricate details– the mesh gloved hands; the multicolored smoke rising from the piano; the pale, wispy ghost of Cookie Monster rising from the inferno. If this doesn’t make you believe in spirits, nothing can.


The Sultan on Crack

In between making evil schemes and smacking Iago around, Jafar supplements his vizier’s salary by doing a little dealing on the side.


Suddenly, Aladdin makes a lot more sense. Why else would the Sultan be in such a hurry to marry Jasmine off? To cash in that sweet, sweet dowry and fund his drug habit. Drug paraphernalia is hard to come by, even for a sultan.

The many faces of pain

I have never seen Hercules, but every source I’ve talked to says it sucks, so I’m in no hurry to remedy this. Apparently, one of the mandatory Disney villain sidekicks is a little demon named Pain. This coloring page was originally one of those activities where you have to pick out the nonconformist from a police-style lineup. My take, however, is a graphic description of a few common maladies.


I should totally be in charge of illustrating medical literature.