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It’s a friend-eat-friend world out there

Personally, I think the caption should have been left alone, because it transforms this picture from a mere predator-eats-prey story into a tale of utter betrayal. Not only does the chicken cannibalize his unsuspecting buddy, but he has the gall to do it on Best Friends Day? That is messed up.



Luke Skywalker’s side job

In the tough economic times of the Star Wars universe, Master Yoda wants to ensure that Luke can stay competitive in the market by diversifying his skill set. Damn, I should be writing resumes or something with all that fancy corporate language (Solution! Team player! Diversify! Facilitate! Okay, now I can just sit back and let all the HR find my blog). Hopefully, Luke won’t leave Dagobah before he learns to make a niceĀ pommes frites.


The most epic snack ever

I think we’ve all eaten beef jerky like this at one time or another:


Since we’re on the topic of jerky, I am going make this blog useful for the first time ever (don’t get used to it) by recommending a delicious homemade beef jerky recipe. The CCB household has made it several times with great success, and it’s tender enough that even Admiral Ackbar could chew this stuff.


Just take my advice, eat the homemade stuff, and save the Force for more impressive feats.