This is the story about how a caption went very, very wrong. Once upon a time, I had the Disney Villains coloring book, and saw a Jungle Book page with the caption, “Shere Khan has a taste for man cubs.” I thought it would be really clever to insert a single “L” into the caption to change “cubs” to “clubs”, and then draw a fancy Shere Khan being posh at a gentleman’s club. Unfortunately, due to the tiny spacing between the letters. it just looks like I turned the “c” into a “d”. Whenever someone new sees that page, he or she gets a confused look and asks me, “Man dubs?” every time. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

I so very much want to redeem this picture, that I am giving away the punch line and everything before you even see the image– just so you don’t say “Man dubs” in your head. SO DON’T. For the love of God, it’s Man Clubs.




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